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  1. Worst place you could've had it, nothing great about France and the majority of the country aren't into the sport whilst already having the tournament there. Ireland however is a fresh place to host a tournament offering safety and the experience of a lifetime with great atmosphere. Only thing ireland didn't offer more than France was money. Corrupt.

  2. I hope the process was as transparent as they profess it to have being. I voted for Ireland. I am disappointed. However the vote has being cast as one might say. Looking to the future I hope Ireland uses this experience to trying again. In the next bid let's see more visionaries and less buerecrats. I believe in growing the game. …………HG BLACK…………….

  3. Let's face it only countries that already hosted a huge tournament is gonna get it poor Ireland we'll never get it and if it wasn't ireland IT would have TO be south Africa

  4. Its just shows you its not only Jacob Zuma who is corrupt. I can smell some corruption here. France has nothing special to offer and I have been there. horrible overrated place. Maybe France can tell all of us how the manage to win it? There is no point SA bidding again coz the process is corrupt as hell.I hope Southern Hemisphere win it.

  5. How can you justify 3 rwc's in a row in the northern hemisphere? South africa was the prefered candidate, and dispite being one of the leaders in world rugby havent hosted it since 1995. France just recently hosted it… It seems like either there is corruption or northern hemisphere countries voting for france to have it close by. Either way it just seems like a misjustice to me. I live in france btw.

  6. A complete travesty of justice – IRELAND deserved to have the opportunity to host the Rugby World Cup 2023. 
    Ireland has an unrivalled reputation for world-class hospitality, they have more than adequate facilities – including the GAA's impressive Croke Park stadium (one of the finest sporting arenas on the planet), the other two countries competing for the hosting opportunity, South Africa and France, have previously had the privilege of doing so. 
    But, like football, there is corruption (called 'backhanders' to you and me…) at the highest level of administration in the sport. 
    While the pursuit of money dominates the sport of rugby I guess we have to expect this sort of farcical result.

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