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  1. How did America lose, we freaking have American Football, there should be tons of bulky fast dudes, and we loss to Japan? Are you freaking kidding me….smh

  2. The US is the best country in sports. The US has the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL which are the best leagues in the world in their respective sports. No country has 4 major sports leagues that are the best league in the world in their sport. The US has won by far the most Olympic gold medals even though the US is limited in the amount of athletes they can bring to the Olympics. For example in 2012 in Great Britain, the US was allowed less athletes at the Olympics than the British, but still destroyed the British in terms of gold medals won. Also this Olympic domination is in spite of the fact that most of the US' best athletes don't play Olympic sports. The US is the best all time at: gridiron football (this and basketball has the best athletes in the world), baseball (very popular in Asia and Latin America), basketball (world's second most popular sport), lacrosse, tennis (most all time majors won and Davis and fed cups), golf, racquetball, track and field, swimming, shooting, diving, boxing, figure skating, snowboarding etc and is top 2-5 all time in ice hockey, wrestling, gymnastics, rowing, weightlifting, volleyball, skating, skiing, archery, cycling etc. Even in soccer (my favorite sport) which was non existent in the US until the 1990s and is still out 5th sport, we went farther than Portugal, Italy, Spain and England in the last World Cup and are one of only 8 nations in the world to make at least the round of 16 in 3 of the last 4 world cups. After the US, Australia is the second best sports nation because of their depth in sports as well.

  3. Loved watching Japan playing this tournament. They're gameplay is phenomenally textbook beauty with strong hearts and being physical when needed. As a kiwi I've noticed a lot of the other teams have won their matches but they've all ways been a bit hairy but with Japan's victories they've just been beautiful. See you soon Japan.

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