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  1. I am an English England Fan but was amazed to discover that South Africa have a better Head to Head against everyone except The All Blacks (but so does everyone else!) and Japan (although they have only played once!), 2-Times World Champions!, Only 2nd to the All Blacks Surely in Rugby Union!.

  2. We went on to win the wc a 2nd time in 2007 as well. Since then due to politics our rugby has deteriorated and I don't forsee seeing SA winning it again in the near future.

  3. One of my favorite games looking back on it now. At the time I was probably crying because my beloved All Blacks lost. As a kid i didn't realize this is the game that United a country. well done South Africa.

  4. It is always emotional to see how South Africa won the 1995 RWC. My fullest respect to Mr. Nelson Mandela, A great leader not just for South Africa, but for Human race to remembered. Not to forget Jonah Lomu, the great legend of Rugby world. And Lastly, to the idiot moron who give a thumbs down, what is wrong with you?

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