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  1. I still think this England team is powerful enough to win. The timing is difficult for them, but France hasn't been able to mount a significant attack on England for a while, and Argentina, I think, is going downhill since the 2015 world cup. The other teams probably won't trouble them unless they do a Japan. But it won't be easy for them.

  2. you should not use the 1995 final in your stats…..we all know that final was a political win, it was very important for south africa to win for unity as a country, so NZ had to be dealt with outside of the game….get my drift.

  3. Never watched one of your videos before, but thought I would as I am bored. I take it that you go on about how much you hate England on all of them though. Australia are playing poor, Wales have gone down to 7th in the world rankings. Scotland are doing extremely well, but funnily enough so are England. Of to find an unbiased opinion now

  4. NZ are quite lucky with their draws. I doubt it will happen, but if England or Scotland win, then it will show how good they are compared to the rest of the world.

  5. I dont know if beauden is AS important as you say, yes when he is on he is magic but when he isnt others have to lift, still awhile away but awesome vid guys

  6. probably nobody will read my comment by now, but I'll put it in anyway for what its worth……. aside from the mental toughness required to play at test level for repeated weeks we are forgetting about physical fitness……can the top teams maintain peak fitness for the required five weeks?????……. I remember reading Rod Macqueen's book about the 99 Wallabies and he said that they were still hammering the players in the first week with the aim of them peaking at the RWC final…… rotate, substitute, build depth…..they'll all be doing it and England now have no choice, unless Eddie Jones puts mostly a B side for that last pool game, his players will be toast at RWCF……..

  7. Huge respect and loving the World Cup videos, but I have to disagree that this fixture announcement was that much of a disaster for Scotland. The disaster was when the draw was made originally, when they knew they were playing New Zealand or South Africa. In my mind, all it has done is highlight the fact that Scotland need to target the Ireland game with everything they've got. If Scotland beat Ireland, it shifts pressure on to Ireland who will then need to beat Japan to stay in the tournament. My argument is that if Scotland cannot beat Ireland and Japan, or at the very least, just Japan with first teamers like Hogg, Russell and Jonny Gray rested, then they have no chance against New Zealand or South Africa anyway. So thinking too far ahead for Scotland is unusual and potentially academic. I also fully appreciate that you guys are being respectful to Japan, but the way I see it, other than that streak of lightning match against a blase South Africa, they are still a minnow. For example, even if you put the Scotland second team on paper, it should be more than good enough to beat Japan. As a Scotland fan, I have to pinch myself when I check with myself if I actually mean that.

    15. Blair Kinghorn, 14. Lee Jones, 13. Chris Harris, 12. Alex Dunbar, 11. Dougie Fife, 10. Peter Horne, 9. Nathan Fowles, 8. Magnus Bradbury, 7. Jamie Ritchie 6. Rob Harley 5. Scott Cummings, 4. Grant Gilchrist, 3. Zander Fagerson, 2. Stewart McCinally, 1. Jamie Bhatti.

    I'm not saying you'd play a team like this entirely, but if you can wrap even 5/6 key players in cotton wool against Japan then it should be good enough.

    I have to say that there is some really impressive work going on in Scotland at the moment between the SRU and their two clubs and coaches. Dave Rennie and Richard Cockerill are working really hard to develop young Scottish talent at the earliest stage, throwing the likes of George Horne, Adam Hastings, Magnus Bradbury, Scott Cummings, George Turner and Jamie Ritchie in to competitive games and allowing them to play skillful rugby alongside experienced internationals.

    I dont doubt the schedule is not ideal, but things could be worse. As you say, England have a stronger third team in their pool and a run of awkward games which comes think and fast.

  8. Excellent observation of what the coaches are trying to do. However, this is why tournament rubgy is or can be so unpredictable and the fans need to note just how hard it is on players.

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