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  1. I'd rather watch a women's rugby match than a men's match. They open up play much more, unlike the "three meters and another phony ruck" and aerial ping pong approach of most men's games!

  2. I don't know gumdrops. I thought it was a bloody good game. Its obvious by your sexist ignorance and utterly rubbish post that your not a rugby fan, so off you go back to your soccer games or what ever tickles your fancy and leave this site to real rugby fans who support and enjoy any level of rugby may it be RWC, rugby championship, 6 nations , B&I Lions tour or 7s to name a few.

  3. Fantastic game to watch. I reckon the Aussies have got a good chance of winning their pool. The addition of the Sevens players has certainly sped up their game and stepped up their passing skills. Go Green and Gold!

  4. People complain that there's not enough exposure to womens rugby but in reality it has the same exposure men has. The difference is… people just can't care enough to watch it.

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