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  1. I am a very proud Welsh man, I still have the full game on TV HDD frequently watch the last 15/20 minutes, I could play it on a loop til the day I die and will NEVER get bored watching it CYMRU AM BYTH

  2. The media hyped this game up as if it was the final, the pressure on the English team must have been immense! Wales had nothing to lose considering everyone had written them off in the pool of death, haa major upset was gunna happen somewhere

  3. It was pretty close whether the clock was on 80 when that last kick went out of play. Anyone know the rules, what would have happened if the ref decided it was still at 79:59?

  4. WRONG comment ….Cole has never lost a game against Wales…….Joke …… I shall recall one particular game … RBS 6 nations when the Eng scrum was DESTROYED by Wales and COle was especially humiliated when he stupidly grinned as Marler was ditched after being destroyed by Adam Jones,,,,,,,,,as the NON English prop VONIPOLA…( that well known Saxon English name) replaced Marler,,,, much to Coles delight,,,, then gave away 2 pena;lties in the scrum,,,, thats what u get from bill beaumont changing the rules as the president of the ifru and allowing every foreign player to suddenly be eligeable to play for england regardless of talent…..( KRUISS, Vunipola, CAtt , Barrett, martin johnson ( an ex all black and traitor to his country) Corbiserio,,,,, an american,,,, hartley,,,,,, a cheat, a referee abuser, and an african, Lawes, technically a Chinese,,,,,, PATHETIC!!!

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